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4th Trimester & New Parent Support Circle

4th Trimester & New Parent Support Circle

Overwhelmed by all the noise on the internet, social media, and coming from well meaning friends and family? Struggling to remember who you were before having a baby? Just plain exhausted? 

Join Cait Finn and other new parents to support one another, create community, share what has (and hasnt worked), learn local resources others love. 

November 16th


Via Zoom

*We understand and honor that childcare isn’t always accessible or something you are ready to pursue. We ask that each person attending decide for themselves if it is more helpful to bring your little one with you or if you need this space to have a few hours and space to yourself. Please understand it will be different for each parent, and may change from session to session. 

**Due to confidentiality of participants, we will not be recordings any of these sessions that occur via Zoom. 

***Ticket prices will differ based on in person vs zoom.Whether we are in person or via Zoom we will work to offer two ticket price options for that session. Please pay what you are able and leave the lower ticketed options for those that may need extra assistance, currently. 


Nov 16 2021


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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