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Blissful Cacao Ritual

Blissful Cacao Ritual

Welcome to a one of a kind gathering based on an adapted Mesoamerican tradition.

For thousands of years, Cacao has been known as medicine for the heart, for its physical, physiological and spiritual effects.

With the integration of ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings, I will be guiding a subtle way of connection with Cacao as a sacred plant. As we honor, respect, and authentically pursue to serve the spiritual needs of the community though a natural and mystic practice. 

If you are curious about the gifts of Cacao, join me to:

  • Learn the origins, types and history
  • The vast benefits when consumed properly 
  • “Hands on” Cacao from bean to mug
  • Awaken a sense of consciousness and intention of the practice for you to use it at any time or share if desired
  • Cultivate a relationship with the plant to have a better understanding of its own processes 
  • Let it show as it is, listening to it, embodying it and serving it.

A great opportunity to open up the channels of wisdom from within.

At Blade and Spade coffee shop and apothecary.

Thursday October 21st, 7pm-9pm

Energy exchange: Sliding scale $36-$45. Please pay what you are able and leave lower priced tickets for those that may be unable to pay a higher exchange. 

Available space to 13 attendees 


Oct 21 2021


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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