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Consent is Sexy

Consent is Sexy

Consent is Sexy: a two hour play date exploring boundaries, communication, and deeper intimacy
((couples and singles welcome))
The intention of this space is to learn how to feel more free and safe in our raw, vulnerable truth. And, it is here to support you in accessing deeper levels of intimacy and connection with life and in your relationships. There will be a herbal aphrodisiac for everyone to enjoy, and we will be playing with some different tools and games to support opening up in a safe container. There will be lots of partner exercises. You are welcome to come and stay with a partner of choice, or you can mix and mingle!
Tuesday February 15th
Emma Myers: Emma has been exploring healthy ways of relating since her time in college when she majored in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She has been on a path of re-learning and remembering what it means to walk in right relationship with life, including relationship with land, plants, animals, humans, and self. This path has led her to connect deeply with her own body and ultimately womb space, the root of it all. It has led her to take a particular interest in how we view and express our relationship to our sensuality and sexuality. She has gone through years of trauma healing with the support of plants, therapists, workshops, breathwork, embodiment, and finding teachers who are well versed in these subjects. She is passionate in supporting people to discover what they need to feel safe and seen, and helping people to feel free in their wild authentic expression.
Haley Portell: Haley is a lifelong student of relating and a true lover of life. She lives on a homestead in Appalachia where she is deeply committed to following her path of the highest excitement. She now finds the most joy in growing an abundant garden with lots of flowers and nourishing deep, intimate relations, with people and the land.
We offer tickets on a sliding scale and ask that you look within and select the ticket you need. If you are able, please leave the lower tiered tickets for individuals that may need them. 


Feb 15 2022


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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