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This skill share has been brewing in the cauldron for a hot ass minute and last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I hit the bath for a card reading and some soaking salts from a friend.

it was real clear, real quick, and water just works that way for me.

A lottttttttt of people want to know how I’ve done what I’ve done and after doing an exercise from @weavingharmony podcast of writing down 100 accomplishments, I got to thinking, damn… how DID I do all of that?!

I seldom reflect on where I’m at cause I’m too damn busy thinking about where I’m going… and wow, the road was LONG and I have a LOT of medicine to share with others on it!

So, if you’ve got one in the chamber and are feeling ready to bring that baby earthside I AM YOUR THRESHOLD TENDER, let’s do this!

We will take 5 weeks to work the elements as guidance for building out the vision.  At week 5, we will root back in at EARTH. At the end of our COMMUNAL journey together you will have an option to add a one on one call with me to present your business/wealth/fertility plan and I’ll empower you to ask the hard questions I wish someone would have asked me along the way. 

You’ll get tools and resources to reflect on, most abundant of which, is my BRAIN and the ability to be in container with other creatives and entrepreneurs. 

This is for people committed to taking ALIGNED ACTION to achieve their goals. This is NOT A MANIFESTATION AND AFFIRMATION WORKSHOP. 

Get ya shovel boo, we building some foundation! 

Space is limited. All link ups are Tuesday eves via ZOOM for my long distance lovers. If you’re feeling unsure about committing to 5 weeks, this journey is not for you. 

Register below!

Meeting Dates are

Tuesday 7/13
Tuesday 7/27
Tuesay 8/3
Tuesday 8/10
Tuesday 8/17
Should you choose to add the one on one call, they will happen the week of 8/17-8/24

**Registration is limited and non-refundable**
*If you are a mug club member that has not used their workshop pass, you can utilize that pass for a $40 discount after purchasing, email me at*


Jul 13 2021 - Sep 14 2021


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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