Herbs we offer


Anise Hyssop
bitter tonic, nervous system support, cold and flu support great for anxious breathing conditions, bronchitis, nourishing the mucosal membranes
Ashwagandha Root
adaptogenic, increases cell-mediated immunity, enhances bodies stress resilience, promotes hormonal balance and healthy sexual/reproductive systems
Blessed Thistle
great for postpartum and breast feeding moms, great for digestion, constipation, gas and stomach pains
cooling, Saturnian, joint pain, arthritis, bruises, sprains, bone fractures, vitamin c/calcium
immune stimulant in chronic conditions, suited to high levels of exhaustion, "run down", anti-septic, swollen lymph, snake bite remedy, gingivitis
English Breakfast Tea
classic black caffeinated tea taken at noon for a pick me up, try it with reishi vanilla and milk
cooling tonifying, diuretic, vulnerary, rich in silica, vitamin B,C,E and K, for hair, skin and nail health, 375 million years old
cooling, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic and diaphoretic, great for indigestion and flatulence
Lemon Verbena
cooling nervous system support, delightful lemon flavor, enhances cognitive function and concentration, relieves digestive upset and spasms
cooling, cardiac tonic, sedative, healthy menstrual flow, calms false labor pains, use in heart related conditions for tension and anxiety "the unexpressed mother tonic"
Mountain Mint
cooling, balances menstrual disarray, aids indigestion, heals mouth sores/ gum disease, colic, coughs, colds, chills and fevers
cooling, bitter tonic, encourages menstrual flow, aids in lucid dreaming, protector
cooling sedative, lung tonic, respiratory distress, Saturnian, expectorant, cough, catarrh, earache (locally), vulnerary
nutritive tonic, allergies, excellent vitamin source, flushes UTIs, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, excess heat, fungal infections, pregnancy tonic
cooling, nutritive nervous system tonic, anti-depressant, demulcent, vulnerary
Raspberry Leaf
cooling astringent, excellent pregnancy/reproductive tonic, nourishes the womb, enriches breast milk
warming, promotes cognitive function, memory, excellent for ancestral work
delicious gut ally that aids with nausea, cold symptoms and indigestion, great to have alongside of heavy meals
St Johns Wort
neutral, sun, anti-inflammatory, astringent, sedative, vulnerary

warming, ultimate skin ally for dryness and wound healing, anti-inflammatory, moves stagnation in the body
Cramp Bark
relief of cramping, including muscle spasms and menstrual cramps, as well as cramps and/or vomiting during pregnancy, kidney stimulant, anti-inflammatory, nervine
cooling, relaxant, embodiment, aphrodisiac, nervous system tonic, anti-septic
Gingko Biloba Leaf
increasing cerebral blood flow, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helps with focus and memory retention
Gotu Kola
nervous system tonic that eases stress, increases blood flow to the brain, aids with focus and memory, eases insomnia, improves circulation, reduces swelling
cooling heart opener, antibacterial, cholagogic, diuretic and anthelmintic, relaxes uterine muscles, lowers blood pressure
warming, produces calm mood states, gentle sedative, relaxes anxiety and nervousness, great for children
warming, treats excess cold and stagnation, aid for urinary tract, helps move/dissolve kidney stones, increases urine flow
cooling, enchanting, heart opener, cardiac tonic, emmenagouge, grief ally and aid for emotional/nervous system turmoil
Wild Bergamot
warming, balances candida, nervousness/anxiety, utis with cold clammy skin
Witch Hazel
cooling, tonifying, astringent, drying, chronic bronchitis, hot flashes, hemorrhoids

Cacao Nibs
nervous system tonic, antioxidant, bronchiodialator, immunomodulator, cardiac tonic
immune support, skin radiance, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, delicious as substitute for black tea, can be boiled many times
warming, leo, relaxant, digestive aid, anti-spasmodic, cramping, gentle sedative, pregnancy tonic, great for children
third eye opener, Saturnian, tonic, bitter, liver and gallbladder stimulant
cooling, moves heat, breaks fever, anti viral, cold and flu ally, pulmonary aid, bronchial affinity, gentle laxitive, delicious with lemon and honey
Lancaster Farmacy Tranquilitea
Milky oats + lemon balm + holy basil + nettles skullcap + chamomile + california poppy… Chill out! Calm your nerves and soothe your body.This herbal blend helps relieve anxiety, insomnia and stress.
Lancaster Farmacy Lifting Lemon
Lemon verbena + lemongrass + lemon balm… This lemony tea is a delicious blend of the most lemon-flavored herbs that will quench your thirst, lift your spirits and help you relax.
Lancaster Farmacy Cleanse
Echinacea + Peppermint + Hyssop + Raspberry Leaf + Elderberries + Rosehips + Yarrow… This blend does wonders for common cold symptoms helping to stimulate the immune system, eliminate congestion, soothe sore throats and can aid in breaking fevers.
Lancaster Farmacy Nourishmint
Nettles + Alfalfa + Oatstraw + Mint + Raspberry Leaf… a tasty blend of organic herbs that are a powerhouses of minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that are gentle and help replenish the body
Licorice Root
sore throat, soothes gastrointestinal inflammation and irritations such as GERD, gastritis, IBD, and ulcers, can be used for rheumatism, muscle spasms & cramps
anti viral, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, enhances virility and fertility through endocrine balance, nutritive and energizing
Mother of Blades Tender Heart Tea
a delicious tea blend made for opening the heart, great for ritual work with a lover, ideal for any person doing greif work or processing inner child trauma, full of cardiac tonics that aid high blood pressure and hypertension rose + rose hips + hibiscus + motherwort + lemon balm
Mother of Blades Witches Brew
an ethereal blend of third eye openers and embodiment herbs
Mother of Blades Mint Condition
Lemon Balm + Peppermint + Catmint + Mountain Mint
adaptogenic, immune system support, queen of immortality, balances hormonal system, nourishes the spirit, relaxes the nervous system
cooling lichen high in vitamin c, respiratory aid, cleanses urinary tract, balances fungal overloads